6 tips to stand like a dancer

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When days are grey, when your shoulders slump and your feet drag, take a deep breath and stand tall! You will have a much better view.

Go gracefully as a dancer throughout the day! Be in control! Move with purpose and poise!

-Weight forward
-Hips pulled up and over your toes
-Stomach pulled in
-Torso and back lengthened
-Chest lifted up, with shoulders down and back
-Shoulders over hips
-Face presented
-Eyes alive and alert
-And the top of your head reaching for the sky

Behave beautifully! You can be gracious by just saying «please» and «thank you».
Behave beautifully all the time and it will become naturally when you are in the spotlight.

Make the world a better place, a prettier place…Sparkle! Light up the world. Dance with your heart and soul, and smile!

Let your body sing! Music is the basis of dance: take music into your heart.

Find beauty in the smallest details! The gently swaying branch of a weeping willow, the curves and bends of each finger of your hand.

Wonderful, big things are made of little parts, from the littlest parts: many small details are needed to make a big, beautiful dance.

1- Be on time: do not miss the beat
2- Be precise: stay in control, whatever the speed.
3- Lead a balanced life: enjoy the stillness.
4- Start on the right foot: go for it: heart and soul, mind and body.
5- Always put your best foot forward: give it everything now.
6- Stay focussed: do not lose sight of your goal.

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